I have been going through some game development resources recently. Following is a list of tips that may help a new game developer like me.

  1. Feedback loops
    Positive feedback loop — reward good gamers; punish bad ones (COD kill streaks)
    Negative feedback loop — punish good gamers, and vice versa (Mario kart…

In case anyone is wondering - yes, Luma Temtems do evolve to their Luma counterparts. You can safely level up your precious Luma Temtems - they will retain their “Luma-ness” even after evolving.
I caught a Luma Swali which was at level 4. 8 levels later, it evolved into a Luma Loali.

Luma Swali

Debojyoti Ghosh

Lead Software Developer at Housing / PropTiger with a passion for UI / UX development.

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